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7 Times He’ll Give You The Best D Of Your Life

Ladies, whether you choose to admit it or not, we have all had our share of really really good sex and some really really bad sex. Sometimes, you get the best sex from the least expected places. I’m here to help you find out which men are packing the most heat. Ladies, check out the seven times he’ll give you the best D of your life, in no particular order, of course.


7. Tax season – A man is guaranteed to give you the greatest D of your life when he knows a large tax refund check is on the horizon.


6. He’s a hobo-sexual – The best sex of your life will come from a man without any money, job, car or home. He will hit all of your walls because he’s hungry and you’re his only source of food.  He is in survival mode and knows that he can’t provide for you financially. The least he can do is brush up on his lovemaking. He has nothing to do all day but practice.


5. You finally cheated on him – Men who cheat a lot will sometimes lack in the bedroom because they’ve given their energy to another woman. However, the one time the tables turn, and you cheat back, suddenly a light goes off in his head, and he finally does what is necessary to keep you. For some men, getting cheated on is a challenge. This means his sex game will dramatically improve if that means he’s keeping you away from you side piece.


4. Fresh out of jail – Have you ever had Felon D? It’ll change your life. As long as your jailbird boo hasn’t been getting any “action” while he was locked up, he will enter the free world with a lot of extra stamina. Be ready to pull an all-nighter!


3. It’s the first time & he has something to prove – The first time you have sex with your mate always seems like the best sex you’ll ever have. He has something to prove. He has to live up to all the bragging he was doing before. He has to keep you coming back. None of the sex afterward will compare to the first time, unfortunately.


2. He’s ugly or generally not your type – The universe has a weird way of playing games with you. That’s why the greatest D on earth is always attached to an ugly guy or someone you’re not remotely attracted to.  If you’ve been complaining about the lack of good D out there, you’re probably not dating ugly enough.


1. He’s genuinely into pleasing you – If you find one of these guys, hold on to him, he’s a gem. Despite what they say, it’s not very often that you run into a man that’s genuinely all about pleasing you over pleasing himself. If you do run across one, he’ll make sure he hits every spot imaginable, just to make your toes curl.

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