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Celebrities React to Acquittal in #PhilandoCastile Traffic Stop Shooting



Almost one year after the fatal police involved shooting of 32-year-old #PhilandoCastile, the officer who pulled the trigger was acquitted of all charges in connection with Castile’s death. Though, most of the altercation was captured on Facebook Live, a Minnesota jury found Jeronimo Yanez not guilty, sparking outrage across the nation.


Several celebrities, activists and athletes took to social media to express their frustration with the flawed justice system, with many hashtaging the name #PhilandoCastile.


Actress Danielle Brooks tweeted, “Every time you think of Poussey, think of a real Human Being. Shed a real tear. Get angry about a real death. #PhilandoCastile.” Not too long after, Aisha Hinds chimed in on the matter tweeting, “Hollowed. Heartbroken. Hurt. So deeply. What a grotesque injustice- ACHING for change in our corrupted country #PhilandoCastile.”


Tavis Smiley wrote, “If #PhilandoCastile can be murdered without any police accountability, then there is no such thing as “wrongful death” anymore…if there ever was. @Philandocastile.”


Wendell Pierce tweeted, “How long will they kill our brothers while we stand around and look? #PhilandoCastile.”


Celebrities weren’t the only people infuriated about the verdict, Castile’s mother spoke to the press, insisting that she will continue to use the word “murdered” when describing the incident involving her son.


Several Black Lives Matter activist led the charge on Twitter, tweeting their frustrations about the verdict, with Shaun King highlighting the details of the fatal incident that left Castile dead.


“Again. Jury just found the officer who murdered #PhilandoCastile in cold blood not guilty. Expected. Infuriating,” he tweeted. “My God I am angry. They wonder why we rebel and riot and resist and tear shit up. They say “be calm” and “wait for justice.” We get this.


“I must remind you that #PhilandoCastile never even broke the law. He wasn’t speeding. He was racially profiled and pulled over for being black,” he continued. “Fuck this system. I say that as a man with a rich vocabulary. This system is NOT broken. It is functioning as it was designed to function.


Angela Rye kept it short and powerful with a simple question and answer, tweeting, “What is the meaning of freedom denied? Injustice. #PhilandoCastile.” As did activist Deray McKesson tweeting, “Rest in Powder, #PhilandoCastile. No justice, no peace.”


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