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Donald Trump Reportedly Shared Highly Classified Intel With Russian Officials


Last week, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak visited the White House to meet with Donald Trump.

During the meeting, Trump allegedly shared highly classified information about Isis with the two Russian men, as reported by the Washington Post. Apparently, Trump revealed the details of an Isis threat, compromising a critical source of intel on the Islamic State and could ultimately prevent the U.S. from being able to spot future attacks.

The information was tightly guarded by the U.S. government and had been withheld from allies and certain entities of the U.S. government after being given by a U.S. partner, who had not given the U.S. permission to share the information with Russia.

Trump’s actions completely contradict his criticisms of Hillary Clinton, who he accused of being “extremely careless” in the handling of classified information, by using an unsecured email server.

According to the Washington Post, Trump discussed Isis’ details concerning a specific plot and revealed the city in Isis territory, where the U.S. partner linked the threat. Which could compromise the U.S. partner and give Russia the opportunity to identify the U.S ally or the tools used to receive the intel. He also revealed the U.S. plans for a counteract to the threat that was detected in Isis.

“Russia no longer has to spy on us to get information – they just ask President Trump and he spills the beans with highly classified information that jeopardizes our national security and hurts our relationships with allies,” The Democratic National Committee said in a statement. “If Trump weren’t president, his dangerous disclosure to Russia could end with him in handcuffs.”

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