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Georgia Teens Threw House Party After Murdering Grandparents



A Georgia teen and her boyfriend are facing murder charges after throwing a party while the bodies of her grandparents decomposed in another area of their Lawrenceville home.


One week before officials found the slain bodies of 63-year-olds Randall and Wendy Bjorge on April 8, Cassandra Bjorge, 17, and her 19-year-old boyfriend Johnny Rider, slit the throats of the elderly couple. According to reports, the young couple also beat, kicked and bashed their bodies with a hammer, tire iron and a baseball bat, just before throwing a party in the same house. In an effort to conceal the smell of the rotting bodies from their party guests, the teen couple sealed the doors and windows.


One week later, police responded to an assault call at the home where the teens reportedly got into an altercation with Rider’s sister and her boyfriend. Rider’s sister was able to escape and call the police.  She informed officials that the couple had attacked her with a baseball bat. When the authorities arrived, they found the decomposing bodies of Randall and Wendy, however the teen couple had fled the scene. They were later found, arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.


Since then, the teen girl has reportedly confessed to the brutal murders, while her boyfriend remained mum on the incident.


“She admitted after the murder she was texting family members because they were worried about (the grandparents), and she was pretending to be Wendy,” detective Dave Brucz testified in court. “Johnny began to attack the grandmother,” Brucz added. “Bjorge then said she had a surge of energy. She then dragged her grandmother into her grandfather’s bedroom. She was duct taped.”


Officials said the teens committed the brutal murder because they “basically had enough” of them, reports state. Apparently, they even had plans to murder Bjorge’s mother and members of Rider’s family as well.

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