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Man Charged with Murder After Helping Teen Commit Suicide


Last week, 18-year-old #TyerellPrzybycien was arrested and charged with murder and failing to report a body after officials learned he allegedly assisted in a suicide.

According to reports, Przybycien sent a text to a friend, asking how to deal with a friend who was suicidal. To which the friend replied, “Talk them out of ut (sic).”

However, Przybycien had another idea.

“The thing is… I wanna help kill them,” Przybycien wrote in a message to his friend on April 19. “Seriously, I’m going to help her. It’s like getting away with murder! I’m so f**cked up. I’m seriously not joking. It’s going down in about a week or two.”

Weeks later, the 16-year-old girl killed herself, prompting Przybycien to break the news.

“Bro it happened,” he texted. “I helped her do it too and I feel so guilty.”

According to Utah County police, Przybycien bought the items the girl used to take her own life and did not “offer assistance to save (the girl’s) life or render aid but rather he can be heard commenting that her body should be depleted from any oxygen.”

Przybycien recorded the 10-minute video on his phone, which showed the girl with a noose around her neck. In the video, the girl is standing on a rock, just before she inhales a “large dose of air duster, loses consciousness and falls in a twisting motion.”

Eventually, Przybycien admitted to the crime, revealing that he picked the girl up on May 5th, bought the air duster and rope, brought the girl to the location and helped tie the noose. He also admitted that he told the young girl that he would commit suicide as well. However, once the deed was done, he checked the girl’s pulse and left the scene.

Przybycien is currently in Utah County Jail on a $20,000 cash bail.

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