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Alan Thicke’s Sons Go to War with His Wife Over Estate


On Tuesday, Robin Thicke and his brother Brennan filed a petition against their father’s third wife over the actor’s estate.  

Back in December,  Alan Thicke passed away at the age of 69, after his aorta ruptured while playing hockey with his other son, Carter. While Thicke’s passing has been hard for the entire family, Robin and his brother Brennan have been working overtime to “honor the memory of their father,” and “protect his legacy,”  as the two are co-trustees of Thicke’s living trust.

According to the petition filed by Thicke’s eldest sons, the actor earned most of his money before meeting his third wife, Tanya Callau. Also, the two signed a prenup before tying the knot in 2005. With Thicke’s passing, Callau is insisting that the prenup is invalid. As a result, Robin and Brennan filed a petition to “prevent [Thicke’s] testamentary intentions from being undermined by avarice and overreaching of his third wife, Tanya Callau.”

In the actor’s trust, he left each of his children equal shares of a Carpinteria, 75% of his personal effects and 60% of his remaining estate, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As for Callau, she was left with the furnishings of the ranch, 25% of his personal effects and a life insurance policy. She was also given all of his death benefits from his pensions and union memberships and 40% of his remaining estate.

Though Thicke would update his trust every now and again, the most recent version was signed in February of last year, naming his brother Todd as the trustee. In the event that Todd declined, which he did, the trust would be left in the hands of his children.  At the time, according to the petition, Callau had no objections to the trust or the previously signed prenuptial agreement, but now the actor’s third wife is reportedly singing a different tune.

“Now that Alan is dead, Tanya claims there are numerous problems with the Trust and the Prenuptial Agreement,” the family attorney wrote in the petition. “Tanya also claims ‘Marvin rights’ asserting that she had to forgo opportunities to pursue and advance her own career in order to support Alan and be his companion and partner, including raising Carter.”  Alex Weingarten also revealed that Callau “threatened to make her claims fodder for ‘tabloid publicity’ unless the Co-Trustees agreed to participate in mediation and succumb to her demands.”

Weingarten said that the brother’s tried to work things out with Callau out of court, however, at this point, they are more concerned with protecting their father’s legacy.

 Callau’s attorney released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter refuting the claims, saying “Tanya Thicke has never threatened to take private family matters public and she never has,” Adam Streisand said. “It is clear that Alan’s sons have chosen this distasteful public smear tactic to bully Tanya, by stirring up the tabloid media, filing a bogus lawsuit, and refusing family mediation. Tanya is still grieving the death of her beloved husband and out of respect for Alan’s memory intends to handle his son’s false statements privately.”


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