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Alex Rodriguez’s Ex Wants $600k Or She’s Leaking Text Messages

Alex Rodriguez is bracing himself for an ugly legal battle as he prepares to deal with an ex-girlfriend trying to shake him down.  The ex has asked the former MLB star to cough up as much as $600k or she plans to release private messages.


ARod and the woman ended their fling in 2014 and apparently the split wasn’t an amicable one.  Since the breakup, his ex would contact ARod every now and then and ask for money. He never gave in, but when he went public with his new relationship with Jennifer Lopez, the ex resurfaced, asking for even larger amounts of cash. When Rodriguez told the woman he was in a happy, committed, relationship with J. Lo, things got ugly.


Sources close to the star believe that the woman’s motives are to cash in now that ARod is dating JLo. They also believe the messages she is threatening to release are from way back when they were in a relationship. ARod has made it clear that he isn’t coughing up any coins and is prepared to go to the police or federal authorities if she continues to threaten him.

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