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Did Mehgan James Plant Rob Kardashian Story?

Last week, OK Magazine and In Style reported that former Basketball Wives LA star, Mehgan James, was secretly dating Rob Kardashian. However, a day later, Rob took to Twitter to refute those claims, saying that he had never even met the reality star before. Following Rob’s statement, Mehgan accused the Kardashians of planting the rumor. However, now reps for the Kardashians say it was the other way around.


Sources tell TMZ that Mehgan James’ team contacted a bunch of media to put the story out there that she and Rob were a couple. Apparently, they say, Mehgan was looking for fame. It may have worked for the moment because Mehgan’s social media followers doubled in the day or two that the rumor was active.


It’ll be interesting to see how Mehgan responds to these claims.

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