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Happy 4/20: Baller Alert’s “High” Playlist

-blogged by: @peachkyss and @MsJennyB

Happy 4/20 ladies and Gents! Today is the day to relax, watch classic stoner films, and listen to some of the ‘highest’ hits to date. To celebrate, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite songs to get you into the spirit, however you decide to celebrate. So kick back and light one up while enjoying some of the hottest hits.

The songs are not in any particular order but check out a few of our faves below:

1. Afroman- Because I Got High made its debut in 2001. I remember when this record dropped…You have to admit the song is catchy and the perfect song to describe the excuses that high people give… “I was going to clean up my room until I got high. I was going to get up and find the broom but then I got high. My room is still messed up and I know why because I got high.”

2. Rihanna – James Joint –  It’s no secret that the beautiful Bajan superstar likes to puff an L or two. On her 8th studio album, the badgal provides a short smooth vibe with “James Joint.” Written and named after James Fauntleroy, the song explores the relationship between Rihanna and her weed, or her lover. For the sake of 420, let’s say it’s about the bud. “I’d rather be smoking weed. Whenever we breathe. Every time you kiss me. Don’t say that you miss me. Just come get me. Don’t know why just know I want to Don’t know why just know I want you”


3. Dr. Dre- The Next Episode was truly the smoke it up joint. Not only was the song a classic that featured Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and the late Nate Dogg. The video featured weed, weed, weed, girls dancing, partying, and did we mention weed. “Hold up ayyyyye….”


4. Crucial Conflict- Hay was the roll it up song and a party song. This song came out 1996 and you can’t tell me your momma and daddy wasn’t rolling it up during FreakNik Atlanta to this song. “Hayyyyy in the middle of the barn smoking on weed.”

5. Styles P- I Get High says it all. The song came out in 2002 and you couldn’t tell me Ruff Ryders wasn’t popping then. I don’t anyone who wasn’t singing the hook. If you didn’t know all the words, you at least knew the chorus…. I get high, high, high, high…everyday!

6. “Marijuana” – Kid Cudi – Cudi raps about his love for the herb, he discusses how the weed settles his mind and clears his head. However, after the release of this song, Cudi quit smoking for a short period of time.

And all my niggas rollin up in the booth. Who got me on another one. Someone please roll me another one. They tell me all good things must end. Well those muthafucka’s ain’t have this friend I keep it.”


7. Rick James- Mary Jane was definitely the beginning of ‘high’ music for me. I know most of you remember Craig and Smokey getting high to the classic song at the beginning of Friday. Before this song, I didn’t know many artists that made an entire song about Mary Jane making them feel good and how strong their love was for it. “I’m in love with Mary Jane, she is my main thing. She makes me feel alright….Takes me to paradise!”

8.  Lil Wayne – “I Feel Like Dying”- If you couldn’t tell by now, weed is one of Lil Wayne’s favorite things. But, when the drugs are gone, an undesirable feeling of depression and pain comes over him, as he goes through withdrawal.

“I am sittin’ on the clouds I got smoke coming from my seat. I can play basketball with the moon. I got the whole world at my feet. Playin’ touch football. On marijuana street. Or, in a marijuana field. You are so beneath my cleats. Get high, so high that I feel like lying. Down in a cigar, roll me up and smoke me. Cause (I feel like dying)”

…Only once the drugs are done.  I feel like dying, I feel like dying. Only once the drugs are done.  I feel like dying, I feel like dying”



9. Jhene Aiko’s Higher referenced her love to weed. Honestly, all of her music makes me feel like I am high…I mean the beats are real slow and her voice takes me to a place that I do not go very often.

” Break me down Roll me up Boy I can be your pipe dream

Make you feel alright do the right thing Set my soul on fire

Let me in and I will take you way up there yea

Put it in the air,Blow me in the air”

10. Method Man and Red Man- How High…Let’s just say they don’t make music like this anymore. These guys are classic even when it came to getting high… I miss these days! I loved me some Method Man and Redman. “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane/ It’s the funk doctor spock smokin buddha on a train/ How high? So high that I can kiss the sky/ (Up, up to the sky!)”

11. Luniz- I Got 5 On It… Where were you when this song came out? Another classic that everyone was singing and bobbing their heads to. You can’t help by sing the chorus and think about the good “times” ….”I got 5 on it lets go half on a sack.” 

12. Three 6 Mafia- I Stay High… This video use to freak me out. They made classics from ‘Sippin on some syrup’ to ‘Weak A** B****h’… Oh did I mention they are Academy Award winners from Hustle & Flow’s It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp. ” “What’s up Mary! Mary Jane!/Since I have met you, girl, you ruined my brain/You stole my heart, right from the start”

13. Wiz Khalifa- Up… you can’t do a countdown without adding Wiz… Self-explainatory here! If you ever went to a Wiz show, then you know you are guaranteed to leave high off on contact. I thought this song was perfect for the holiday… “We go up, up, up, up…so high I am not coming down.”

What are some of your faves?

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