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Tiny Caught In The Middle Of “Paperback” Toya & “Fake” Tamar Instagram Beef

After several months at odds, Tamar Braxton and her best friend of 19 years, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have finally squashed their beef.


The two are godparents to each other’s children and to no avail, T.I. tried to get them to call a truce earlier this week. Tamar, however, had a change of heart and decided to call a truce by penning a lengthy Instagram post to her former best friend. In the post, Tamar pleaded with Tiny, asking that she and T.I. work on their marriage and offered to sing at their renew vow ceremony. While it’s unclear whether Tiny will take her up on that offer, she did accept Tamar’s apology and seemingly got her friend back.

In the midst of Tamar’s plea to her best friend, she threw Tiny’s other friends under the bus, including Toya Wright. In her Instagram caption, she refers to Toya, who’s written two novels, as “Paperback Toya” and says she spread lies to put a wedge between Tiny’s marriage and friendships.  Needless to say, Toya, nor her daughter Reginae, took kindly to the shade. See what they said below:




Tiny tried to make peace between her two friends, even suggesting that they have a sit-down and talk things out.




Hopefully, these ladies call each other and hash things out while they still can.


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